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Changyu Pioneer Wine

In September 2015 the Chinese wine Group Changyu Pioneer Wine became a shareholder of Marqués del Atrio with the aim of positioning it among the three main bodegas in the Spanish market by 2020. This strategic partnership will make Marqués del Atrio the first brand of Spanish wine known in China. The Chinese market has a great potential for growth in the upcoming years and, thanks to Changyu's distribution network with over 10,000 points of sale in the Asian country, it will learn about and acknowledge the quality of wines from the Rioja Qualified Designation of Origin, as well as from the rest of Spanish regions.

For Changyu, a group that is in full international growth, it is essential to have bodegas in the main wine regions in the world. For Marqués del Atrio, this agreement involves improving its presence in the Asian market, where the main winemaking group in China already sold its products. 

Changyu Pioneer Wine, established in 1892 in the province of Yantai, is the main wine group in China and one of the 10 most important worldwide. It produces over 130,000 tons of wine per year and its range of products includes wines, brandies, liquors and champagne. The company is listed in the Chinese Stock Market with a market capitalisation exceeding 3,000 million euros.

The best-selling wine in the world

As a result of this agreement, Marqués del Atrio will market “Noble Dragón” in Spain, which is the best-selling wine in the world with over 450 million bottles sold in 2015. It is a wine made with 60% of Cabernet Gernischt, a variety exported to China from France in the 19th century that currently no longer exists in the European continent. It is a ruby-red colour wine with a fruity and spicy note, a dry aftertaste and an alcohol content of 12º. Noble Dragón was recently selected among the 30 most important wine brands in the world.