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Noble Dragon by Changyu, The best-selling wine in the world, reaches Spain

17/03/2016 - Published on Noble Dragon

Changyu Pioneer Wine, the leading wine group in China and the fourth in the world, has started to market “Noble Dragón” in Spain, which is the best-selling wine in the world with over 450 million bottles sold in 2105 (more than La Rioja's entire production). 

“Noble Dragón” falls within a special designation of red wine that is produced in the city of Yantai (Shandong). It has an alcohol content of 12º and it is aged in oak barrels for approximately 6 months. It is a ruby-red colour wine with a fruity and spicy note and a dry aftertaste. It has a perfect fruit and wood balance that can be perceived in the aroma and on the palate. It pairs well with red meats, pasta and any Asian dish. 

China’s wine history goes hand in hand with this wine. In 1892, Changyu introduced 124 grape varieties from different countries, and it successfully planted them in Yantai. Some years later, in 1931, Changyu produced the first dry red wine using the Cabernet Gernischt variety, which no longer exists in France, and it called it Noble Dragón. In 2015 this wine sold the amount of 450 million bottles worldwide. Noble Dragón was marketed in Europe for the first time in 2006, and it successfully entered 3,000 supermarkets, restaurants and airlines. In 2008 it was selected among the 30 most important wine brands in the world at the SIAL Paris International Food Exhibition. It is the only Asian wine brand that has achieved this distinction.

Among its characteristics, this wine is a mix of varieties: 60% Cabernet Gernischt and 40% Cabernet Sauvignon. The estimated sale price in Spain will be of ten euros per bottle, and it can be enjoyed at bars and restaurants as well as purchased at the main supermarket chains. Jesús Rivero, CEO of Marqués del Atrio, has highlighted that “the introduction of this wine in Spain is a great opportunity, as there is a population of 300,000 Chinese residents in our country, as well as many Asian restaurants. The distributors have received Noble Dragón with great expectation."

Presentation of the wine in Spain

To celebrate this milestone, Sun Jian, CEO of Changyu Pioneer Wine, and Jesús Rivero, CEO of Marqués del Atrio, invited six hundred representatives of the Chinese business community in Spain to dine at the Shangrila restaurant in Leganés, with the purpose of presenting them the “best-selling wine in the world.” Here is a summary video with everything that went down at the event. 

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