Our wines

The Marqués del Atrio signature wines were born from the philosophy of constant innovation that characterizes the Rivero family.

Time, the best author

Two styles of ageing in barrels, where Tempranillo and Graciano find harmony in the perfect Rioja blend to showcase the unique and distinguished personalities of these grapes.

A capture of time, to write its own history

Following a philosophy of balance between tradition and modernity, unique wines are born to capture unrepeatable moments.

An estate, with a perpetual enduring.

Tradition, sentiment and above all roots. A story is told from one of the most beautiful spots in Mendavia: El Rubio. Just 2 hectares of one of our oldest vineyards.

It is time to discover, feel and enjoy

Wines with a dreamy and ambitious spirit, they represent the youngest and freshest expression of the winery, a gift for the senses.

Tradition, Innovation, Terroir, Perfection, Quality