Serve at 6 to 10 º C.

Intense, juicy, fresh with good volume in mouth. Red fruit and flowers with citrus memories.

Team led by Rodrigo Espinosa, Agricultural Engineer and Oenologist by the University of Chile, with wide experience in Chile, The United States and Castilla La Mancha.


Pale peach colour


Fresh, red fruit, floral aromas and grapefruit. High intensity.


Ideal to accompany all types of fresh fish, fried snacks and seafood, as well as rice dishes (oriental food), light meat and pasta.


Grape harvested in the Mendavia surrounding in plots located at an altitude between 300 and 600 meters. The vineyards have the perfect balance to allow harvesting the grapes at its best ripening stage.

The low yields per hectare allow us to obtain a concentrated and aromatic wine.


Garnacha grapes, maceration during 10 hours, approximately, between 8 and 10ºC.

Tradition, Innovation, Terroir, Perfection, Quality